Market Trends


June 6th, 2022

Last week was Memorial Day holiday in the US, and as usual, the housing market did a little pause. Inventory grew at a slower rate, and prices hit their summer plateau.

The big trend we're watching right now is price reductions: how many homes have had to cut their asking price before they get the offers they need.

This week, price reductions climbed to 24.1%, which is the highest level of 2022. As always with price reductions, it’s important to keep this number in perspective. We normally see about 35% of homes take a price cut before they sell. Right now, we’re only at 24% - still fewer than usual.

That being said, I anticipate we'll be back to a more normal 30% range by next month. This will feel slow to sellers who weren't properly prepared by their real estate agent.

Mike Simonson

CEO, Altos Research


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