How would you like to keep extra $$$ in your wallet when you close on your next home sale or purchase?



With Barsam & Associates we offer superior representation AND a client rebate on each transaction you complete with our firm.

Rebates are paid through escrow on each closed transaction making each transaction rewarding. These rebates are applied toward your closing costs subject to your lender’s approval of the amount.

On cash transactions, rebates can be used as a price reduction.

Rebates are offered in compliance with local and federal laws and with the consent of your lender. Rebate offerings are void where prohibited by law or if not approved by your lender. Please see chart below for an approximate rebate amount.

Disclaimer: Rebates are calculated based on 25% percent of the gross earned commissions by Barsam. 

Commissions are negotiable, percentages and dollar amounts will vary!

This rebate offering expires on June 31, 2020. Rebate Chart

For additional information, please contact us at 877-522-7726

To enroll in our rebate program and find out what your home is worth today, please click here.