$402,000 | Aliso Viejo | Seller

I have known Haig and Linda for a number of years. Recently, I had a mutual friend use Haig’s services to assist him with purchasing a home in Hollywood. My wife and I used Team Barsamian to help us sell our condo in Aliso Viejo. They treated our listing like a multi-million dollar estate. They  came over to our house and helped us stage our home. They hired a professional photographer to come photograph our place. They then created a 4-page professional brochure for our listing. Finally, they dropped off signs, booties (as we had brand new carpet recently installed) and clear carpet protection for the walkways. In a matter of days, we had a cash buyer on the table. After closing they helped us find our dream home without compromise. Team Barsamian was able to walk us through the entire contract process and looked out for our best interest. They did an excellent job communicating with us and our lender during the entire home purchase process. It became very apparent that their 29 years of experience helped us navigate the contracts which most realtors don’t seem to have a full understanding of. If you want a team who really puts their clients first and have their hearts in the right place, look no further!