Haig Barsamian, President/CEO

Haig Barsamian is more than a real estate agent. He’s a consultant, an advisor, and for his clients, a protector.  He is also the founder of three successful real estate and mortgage companies.

Since the early 80s, Haig has had a passion for real estate. He started with the purchase of a small condominium in the City of La Verne and shortly after entered the real estate market as a serious investor, owning both single-family and multi-family residential properties.

His career in real estate sales began in 1989 when he joined Herbert Hawkins Real Estate Services in the City of La Verne.  In 1992, he joined Upland Investment Properties as Vice President and partner, representing investors and small partnerships in buying and selling commercial real estate and investment properties.

In 1998 Haig was the founder of Imperial Capital Corporation and its sister company, Pacific Rim investments. Imperial Capital Corporation focused on providing clients with cost effective and favorable financing options. Pacific Rim Investments provided them with real estate representation.

Haig founded Barsam & Associates as a real estate advisory and brokerage firm in 2008. Due to his expertise and success in negotiating short sales since 1994, he has for the past several years acted as an advisor to law firms and to real estate offices when they were involved in negative equity sales and other difficult transactions. One of his talents is an ability to bring about a meeting of the minds and close transactions even in adversarial situations such as divorce and foreclosure.

Haig is well-known in the real estate industry, not just for his impressive negotiating skills, but also for the due diligence he brings to every transaction. Although well versed in both accounting practices and real estate law, when a situation calls for assistance from an attorney or a CPA, he doesn’t hesitate to hire professionals.

A real estate investor, agent, advisor, and counselor for 25 years, Haig has treated every transaction as a learning experience and an opportunity to expand his store of knowledge. His is an expertise born of experience, along with painstaking preparation and a genuine desire to create the most positive outcome for his clients.